Friday, December 30, 2011

Sunny Side

Sunny Side is a dive restaurant in Wahiawa, Hawaii, on the island of Oahu. Located on Kilani Avenue, signature items include their fried rice (award-winning in the state) and their chocolate cream pie.

It's all about the pies here!
They are also known for fried rice!

Menu (December 2011)

I ordered a slice of the chocolate cream pie ($1.50 for a slice; $9 for the whole pie). A top layer of chocolate, with a vanilla pudding-like cream underneath. A very light slice, with some rich, decadent qualities. The flaky crust had wonderful texture. The pie was not overly sweet (always a good thing in my book, but then I'd never stop eating it....).

How my slice of pie was wrapped to go
Chocolate Cream Pie
(Sunny Side)
I'll say that Sunny Side is not the most glamorous of places (on the inside or outside), but if you're mainly a stickler for ambiance, go to a high-end joint and plop down $100+. Sunny Side serves a great pie and I look forward to trying something else next time (perhaps the fried rice). 7.75/10

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