Saturday, December 24, 2011

Hawaii's Fried Musubi

Hawaii's Fried Musubi is a lunch wagon located in Honolulu, Hawaii. At a truck where "everything tastes better fried," Sophia Vuong, Alan Vuong, and Danny Pai offer flash-fried furikake musubis using Hawaii favorites like spam, spicy ahi, or ahi poke. The fried chicken is also a popular menu item, but remember to save room for a fried dessert!

Menu at November's Eat The Street!
At Eat The Street, Hawaii's Fried Musubi whipped up two more interesting food items my friend and I just *had* to try: chocolate-covered fried spam and chocolate-covered fried bacon. Each was $3.

Chocolate Covered Fried Bacon -- on a stick
(Hawaii's Fried Musubi)

Chocolate Covered Fried Spam
(Hawaii's Fried Musubi)
I have to say, both were very good overall. The sweet chocolate contrasted well with the salty, savory meats. The bacon was very crispy -- which is a plus -- but some of the pieces I had were more on the burnt side. I know the owners here were posting on Facebook and Twitter, daring and double-dog-daring customers to try it. You dare me to try something...even double-dog-dare me? Yup, as long as it's edible (and won't kill you), I'd try it!

The lines got VERY long for Hawaii's Fried Musubi about an hour or two into the festivities, making me happy this was one of my first stops of the night. Didn't have to contend with waiting ridiculously long!

Glad I didn't get caught in this line
The line is still long....
They may only be doing local events (like Eat The Street) and other private catering gigs as of this post, but be sure to check out Hawaii's Fried Musubi and try their fried creations for yourself! 6.5/10

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  1. I’m curious about this Chocolate Covered Fried Bacon. I wonder what flavor dominates it; the salty flavor of the bacon or the sweet flavor of the chocolate.

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