Sunday, December 25, 2011

Xtreme Tacos

Xtreme Tacos is a food  truck roaming the streets of Honolulu, Hawaii. Chef and owner Youssef Dakroub, inspired from a trip to Los Angeles, brings those street-style tacos to the 808! And yes, they even named their truck ("Ignacios")!

The lines got fairly long for Xtreme Tacos!
How hot a sauce would you like with these tacos?
Menu at November Eat The Street!

For me, the appealing aspect of Xtreme Tacos was choosing the level of spice (ranging from sweet to XT). I opted for the spicy shredded beef taco ($2.50), putting the XT sauce on the side.

Their sauces! The XT sauce is the dark red-labeled one in the front left
Spicy Shredded Beef Taco w/XT sauce on the side
(Xtreme Tacos)
The shredded beef was juicy, yet created an unappetizing orange oily puddle, leaving the corn tortilla a soggy mess. The fresh diced tomatoes added some freshness to this taco. As for the XT sauce (a tomato-based sauce using habanero peppers), I personally enjoyed the heat, and while it could send some people rushing to the water fountain, I shrugged it off like nothing (but hey, I've had ghost chiles, so I'm clearly not a mere mortal on this stuff).

It was a very small portion for $2.50, and while I could have tried the Sampler platter at Eat The Street ($8 for all five tacos), I still wanted to try other food trucks in the area.

Perhaps next time, I'll consider getting some other menu items such as the Falaco (catering to the vegetarians by using falafel in the tacos) or a chicken taco.

More importantly, I also would like to see an even spicier sauce on the menu for the truly insane (points to self). If the name is Xtreme Tacos, where's the "xtreme" in all this? Is it just the sauce? All I know is I've seen these types of tacos everywhere, so I suggest putting something daring out there to set this truck apart from others. Live up to the name a bit more! 6/10

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