Sunday, December 25, 2011

Local Stop

Local Stop is a lunch wagon that is usually found in Waipio and Haleiwa (Hawaii). Their signature item is the malasada burger, turning a malasada (Portuguese doughnut rolled in granulated sugar) into a sweet "hamburger bun," blending sweet and savory combinations for a unique experience.

An award-winning lunch wagon in Hawaii!
Menu at November Eat The Street
Seeing them at Eat The Street, I ordered one of their most popular malasada burgers: the King Kamehameha ($9): an all-beef patty, kalua pork, bacon, and the other usual burger toppings inside a malasada.

King Kamehameha Malasada Burger
(Local Stop)
Just had to take another picture of it!
The malasada was excellent, with the firm crunch on the outside and a relatively soft inside. The sweetness from the granulated sugar contrasted well with those savory, salty meats. The kalua pork and the beef patty were juicy, and the bacon added that smoky essence that really can't be beat. Yes, everything is better with bacon. All the flavors came through in a controlled manner, an impressive burger!

For those of you at November's Eat The Street that also got to try the dessert malasadas (utilizing strawberry and blueberry sauces), I totally envy you. Unfortunately, even this foodie will hit a food coma.

Check out Local Stop and try their malasada burger today! 8.75/10

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