Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Onotogo is a food truck located in Honolulu, Hawaii. In 2011, Nonstop Honolulu voted this the best new food truck of 2011! They are known for their keawe-grilled items and also have various rotating daily specials!

Spotted in a small lot on Sheridan St.

Doing some grillin'!
Regular menu (December 2011)
Specials on 11/28/11
I spotted Onotogo on Sheridan St., near the Cosmo gas station on South King. I got the Pulehu Boneless Short Rib bowl ($8): strips of juicy rib meat over a small bed of brown rice, with tossed salad. I also got their papaya dressing for the salad (brown rice and tossed salad were no extra charge). My order didn't come in a bowl, but a rectangular plastic takeout container.

Pulehu Boneless Short Rib "bowl"
The meat was nicely seasoned, but the range of cooking temperatures varied from medium-rare to medium-well (I'm more of a medium-rare to medium meat eater). The brown rice was cooked perfectly. I really enjoyed the sweetness of the light-colored, creamy papaya dressing, and I saw black specks in there for a great color contrast. I would have liked a slightly larger portion for the amount paid.

Onotogo has other great specials, such as kalua pig and cabbage, poke bowls, hamburger curry, and salmon specials. Try Onotogo for some great keawe-grilled food today! 7/10

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