Friday, December 23, 2011

Grandma G's Kitchen

Grandma G's Kitchen is a food vendor located in Honolulu, Hawaii. This place serves breakfast and lunch items, depending on the time of day. At breakfast, they have options like french toast and kimchi fried rice. At lunch (or even dinner for Eat The Street purposes), they may offer plate lunches, corn chowder, and sandwiches.

At the KCC Farmers' Market
Their breakfast items!
I got the Kimchi Fried Rice with scrambled eggs and Portuguese sausage ($8).

Kimchi Fried Rice w/Portuguese Sausage and Eggs
(Grandma G's Kitchen)
This was a well-executed fried rice utilizing sticky rice to combine all the flavors together. I caught the slightest tinge of heat from the kimchi, but it should not be anything that would send anyone racing to the water fountain. The scrambled eggs were cooked well, kept more intact than cut up into pieces. The lack of any flavor in the eggs itself rendered them more of a side item, which was probably the point anyway (but I'm sure real genius eaters would have considered just incorporating the sausage and the eggs straight into the rice from the start). The Portuguese sausage was from Redondo's. Very rich and delicious flavor here, but predictably, it does have oily and heavy aftereffects, at least for my tastes.

The portion size may have been a bit small for me (hey, I eat a lot), but overall, I'd still call this a successful breakfast dish. Check out Grandma G's Kitchen at a Farmers' Market or Eat The Street event! 7.5/10

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