Thursday, December 29, 2011


Puffette's is a food truck in Honolulu, Hawaii, Owner Kent Lee serves up to three flavors of egg puffs, rows of spherical-type pancakes that are popular in Cantonese-speaking regions of China and Hong Kong. And yes, this is street's meant to be eaten with your hands! Egg puffs are generally made with eggs, sugar, flour, and light evaporated milk (plus any other seasonings to alter the flavor).

They may be at Taco'ako Tuesdays! (Cooke and Ilalo streets)

Menu on 11/29/11
I got Kent's most popular egg puff flavor: chocolate egg puffs ($4) with a complementary side of vanilla glaze sauce. I received 3-4 rows of egg puffs, dark brown in appearance.

Puffs are placed in a paper bag
Chocolate Egg Puffs
The puffs were just OK. I liked that they naturally broke off in a manner that kept the puffs intact. Unfortunately, they were slightly overcooked, as some of the puffs gave off a burnt aftertaste. I think the puffs should ideally have at least retain some moisture/custard in the middle, so it's like you're biting into a filled pastry instead of a relatively dry snack. I got a respectably chocolaty flavor, but again, maybe having a bolder chocolate presence would work here (especially since the puffs are generally eaten plain anyway). The glaze sauce was delicious. It was sweet, but not overly so, pairing well with the puffs.

One of Kent's newest flavors is banana egg puffs, which I've read tastes like a "very light banana bread." For now, an OK experience. Perhaps there will be a chance for another go in the future. 5.5/10

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