Saturday, December 31, 2011

Chicago Eatz

(UPDATE: Chicago Eatz is now located on Kauai!)

Chicago Eatz, located on Ward Avenue just across from the Neal S. Blaisdell arena, serves Chicago-influenced food -- out of a bus. Joe, the owner and cook, is originally from Chicago, so I was pretty excited to try this place out.

Joe's bus is adorned with Chicago sports team logos and a flat-screen TV (to watch sports, of course!). He serves several classic Chicago items, such as the deep-dish pizza, the Italian beef sandwich, and the Chicago hot dog.

I went with their "Mix & Match Cubbies" sampler platter ($7). A person can choose three of the following: Italian Beef sandwich, Chicago dog, Gyro, or a Super Taco, obviously all in a smaller, more sample-size portion. I really loved the presentation: three mini sandwiches inside a takeout box.

"Mix & Match Cubbies"
(Chicago Dog, Italian Beef Sandwich, Gyro)
(Chicago Eatz)
First up, the mini version of the Chicago Dog. Unlike the actual Chicago dog one might get, no poppy seed bun here (probably because it's just the cubbie version). I asked for a spicier version of this dog, so instead of the yellow mustard, it appeared spicy brown or deli mustard was added instead. The bite of the mustard came through here, and that neon green relish is just cool to look at (yes, it was delicious). I could taste the celery salt on there -- even if just a "dash" was put on it.

Next, the "mini" Gyro. The strips of the beef/lamb hybrid were juicy, tender, and seasoned beautifully. Extra points for the homemade creamy, refreshing tzatziki (cucumber and dill with yogurt). I think some cucumber slices (perhaps just a couple for the mini gyro) could give this one a little more color. It's real good the way it is, though.

Finally, I chose the mini Italian Beef Sandwich. I'm gonna pat myself on the back for choosing this one. The chipped beef just wanted to melt in my mouth. The hot-pepper Giardiniera brought a slight hint of spice that I crave. I swear, as I was eating this sandwich, I felt the essence of a meaty Chicago pizza. It's a ghost Chicago deep-dish inside this sandwich, I tell ya! The sandwich roll here was light and fluffy, and almost wanted to disintegrate while I inhaled this bad boy. But of course, nothing gets past me.

I hope to return in the future. I'd love to get that deep-dish pizza next time (call-in orders encouraged, since the wait time is apparently around 10 minutes). Go to Chicago Eatz and try Joe's food today! 8.5/10

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