Saturday, December 24, 2011

Camille's on Wheels

Camille's on Wheels is a food truck patrolling both the leeward and windward sides of Oahu. Camille Komine has been serving up delicious tacos and pies (both savory and sweet versions) since January 2011. On a Saturday in late November, my dad and I spotted Camille's at one of her usual Kailua.locations, near Mike McKenna's.

EDIT (12/24/11): Honolulu Magazine just named Camille's on Wheels "Best of the Best" for 2011...congrats!

Positive word of mouth for Camille's in the local paper!

Menu (late November 2011)
I first sampled Camille's Tri-Berry pie ($5), a berry-blasting dessert with a little mango for that exotic twist. A velvety, food porn-worthy filling here, not overly sweet, with great use of mangoes. the flaky, light crust still held everything in place. Just an outstanding pie.

Tri-Berry Pie (Camille's on Wheels)
Don't be surprised if I ask for an entire pie next time....
This mouth-watering sliver would have to do for now
Finally, the main event. I ordered one of Camille's signature items: her Spicy Thai Pork tacos with rice and black beans ($6).

Spicy Thai Pork Tacos
(Camille's on Wheels)
Homemade chimichurri!
A very mild, noticeable kick for me
A lovely ginger essence in the pork, just juicy and tender portions. The cilantro and the creamy sauce brought everything together for me. The accompanying hot sauce/chimichurri brought even more flavor to the dish. Because the tacos used two corn tortillas, I felt that may have overpowered the more subtle, delicious taco fillings (on several of my bites, the first thing I experienced was corn tortilla, not pork). I'd even consider something like a Spicy Thai Pork salad option: a bit larger portion of pork, lettuce, cilantro, sauce, etc., and charge a little more. I'd be down to order that any day of the week.

The rice -- flavored with ingredients like jalapenos, onions, and olive oil -- helped a normal side dish become that can't-miss standalone item. The beans were cooked perfectly.

Camille is a sweet woman to talk with, and I hope she gets to experience the food cart mecca in Portland, Oregon (I suggest downtown Portland around SW 9th and 10th, cross-streets of Washington and Alder, for starters). I'm honored to eat food from a person who has cooked for Iron Chefs just a few weeks ago. Camille will not hit you with uppercuts of flavor, but instead seduces you with that everlasting balance of harmonious love. 8.5/10

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