Thursday, December 22, 2011

Hawaiian Style Chili Company

Hawaiian Style Chili Company can be found at several Farmers' markets throughout Honolulu, Hawaii. My parents and I spotted them at the Honolulu Farmers' Market, held every Wednesday at the Neal S. Blaisdell Concert Hall.

We ordered the Seared Ahi Steak special ($11): a lovely portion of cooked tuna with a scoop of white rice and nalo greens.

Seared Ahi Steak Special
(Hawaiian Style Chili Company)
The ahi here was cooked all the way through, yet still juicy. Regardless, I would be hesitant to call this "seared" tuna (as that is usually reserved for tuna steaks that remain raw/rare in the middle). Some sliced mushrooms on the tuna had a silky, buttery sensation on the tongue, pairing well with the fish. Everything was seasoned well, and the creamy aioli on the top of the fish brought the dish together. The dressing on the greens had a sweet, tangy feel, yet remained a light guilt-free option for people choosing to avoid a mac salad side dish. My folks wanted a slightly larger portion, but I thought the amount was quite respectable.

While I didn't try the chili on my visit (because heck man, I wanted fish), check out Hawaiian Style Chili Company for yourself! 7.5/10

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