Friday, December 23, 2011

Summer's Lava Dogs

Summer's Lava Dogs is a food stand located near Ward Avenue, next to Sports Authority. While they serve several versions of hot dogs (with various toppings), they also serve steak plates for people seeking that true beef fix.

Menu (late November 2011)
I ordered the Mexican Dog ($4): an all-beef hot dog on a hot dog bun, covered with nacho cheese, sour cream, bacon, tomato, ketchup, mustard, etc.

Mexican Dog (Summer's Lava Dogs)

First of all, the order took quite a while, which I don't mind (I prefer items that are made to order anyway). However, I must also add that two people ordering after me received their orders before me. To be fair, they had simpler orders, and only one person worked the cart the entire time I was there, but I couldn't help but feel a bit disrespected when they did not apologize for the long wait.

I saw my hot dog bun go in the microwave to heat up. What?! A microwave? No no no. Microwaves should not be anywhere near a food cart -- or any other food establishment. You want to heat up a hot dog bun? Do it on the flattop instead? No grill? How about heat it in a pan on the stove? Stick it in the toaster...but NOT in the microwave! *fakes a heart attack and collapses*

The hot dog was OK, and I give them credit for at least being a little original. But oh, it could have been so much much better. 5/10

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