Thursday, December 29, 2011

Osaka Okazuya

Osaka Okazuya is a Japanese restaurant adjacent to Zippy's restaurant. There are at least a couple of locations; my father and I went to the one on South King.

Located inside the Zippy's
Breakfast menu

Serving Japanese-style breakfasts and bento lunches/dinners, I went with the ahi breakfast special ($7): cooked ahi tuna, tsukemono (Japanese pickled cabbage), furikake rice, and two overeasy eggs (can request any style) with miso soup. I also tried the Teri Beef patty on the side.

Ahi Breakfast special w/miso soup and a teri beef patty
(Osaka Okazuya)

Miso soup and the teri beef patty
Cutting into the overeasy eggs and the fish...yum!
The miso soup was fantastic. Bold miso flavor, not watered down like at some places. The ahi here was cooked all the way through. While I prefer my ahi seared (raw in the middle and cooked on the outside) or completely raw, it was still juicy and flavorful, with a hint of ginger. The tsukemono had a good balance of salt and vinegar, among other ingredients. The eggs were masterfully cooked...there's nothing like cutting open an overeasy egg to release the custardy yolk within.

The teri beef patty was also juicy, with a lovely sweet-savory teriyaki sauce. Definitely wanted more of this!

A great breakfast (my second of the day, actually) to keep the day going! Check this place out and try their Japanese breakfasts today! 8/10

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