Thursday, December 15, 2011

Continental Delight

Continental Delight is a food cart and catering service located in Salem, Oregon. Their menu is Asian-influenced. Every Friday evening, Continental Delight has parked outside f/stop Fitzgerald's Public House to serve hungry customers.

Menu (11/11/11)

I stopped by when I tried some of f/stop's local beer offerings. The day I went, Continental Delight was short-staffed. They usually have three people working, but only one showed up -- and that one employee had to bring his wife aboard so he wouldn't be in the weeds. From what I gathered, another person was sick and the third was MIA. This explained the delay in opening for dinner service.

Continental Delight has several items on the menu each week, plus a few specials. I ordered the Asian BBQ chicken combo with fried rice ($8.25), plus one of their slider burgers ($2.75).

Slider Burger (Continental Delight)
Asian BBQ Chicken Combo w/Fried Rice (Continental Delight)

The burger was OK here. I think the pickle speared on top looked larger than the slider itself. The patty was OK in the middle, but dry and overcooked when getting to the edges. I liked the caramelized onions and what appeared to be some sort of aioli.

The chicken and the fried rice were the stars here. The sliced chicken was moist and flavorful, bursting with teriyaki flavor. The fried rice gave me one of those soul food, peaceful experiences. The diced onions and sausage contributed great flavor without completely upstaging the perfectly cooked rice. I would have liked perhaps some more color on the fried rice (perhaps peas, scrambled eggs, etc.) to really take the presentation and flavors to new heights.

The service was slow, but that's excusable due to being short-staffed. I thought $11 for all that food was slightly on the pricey side here (felt maybe it was about $9 worth for me). Most importantly, it was a tasty meal.

Continental Delight's pancit noodles (Filipino) are also good, from what I hear, and the egg rolls (looked more like lumpia, not the larger Chinese version) received rave reviews from the people in f/stop. I look forward to another visit in the future! 7/10

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