Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Da Ala Cart

Da Ala Cart is a food truck roaming the streets of Honolulu, Hawaii. Headed by Chris Quisote and his niece, Kaori, Da Ala Cart serves Japanese-inspired street food consisting of musubis (seaweed-wrapped rice balls) and skewered food.

Saw them on Punchbowl! But yes, they roam....

Regular menu (December 2011)
Special on 11/28/11
I spotted Da Ala Cart at one of their usual spots on Punchbowl St. I went with their "Grab 'n Go Special" ($7): one musubi, one "tsukune" (ground chicken on a stick), and one asparagus on a stick.

All placed in a bag...
...and wrapped in aluminum foil
Musubi (nori-wrapped rice ball), Tsukune (chicken on a stick), and Asparagus
(Da Ala Cart)

The musubi was delicious. A combination of miso, ginger, and pork belly added some savory protein filling to this carb-loaded snack. I know competitive eater Matt Stonie would enjoy this one.

The tsukune includes ground chicken, onions, and scallions, mixed with "Da Sauce," a soy-citrus sauce for that savory-sweet combination. Man, did that tasty sauce complement the tsukune! The chicken was incredibly moist and fell off the skewer with the slightest tug.

The asparagus included seasonings like sea salt, white pepper, and lemon juice. A simple, yet awesome menu item that may convert even the most hardcore carnivore.

This Grab 'n Go Special is a fantastic way to sample several of their more popular menu items at once. While they were out of their other menu items on my visit, I'm actually glad that was the case. A great experience! 7.75/10

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