Monday, December 19, 2011

Cackalack's (Part 2)

(Updated review -- February 2012)

(UPDATE: Cackalack's is under new management as of early January 2012. As stated below in my post, the original cart owners moved back east. The menu remains largely the same.)

(Original review -- July 2011)

Earlier in the month, I learned Cacklack's was being put up for sale -- the cart owners were moving back east. I felt like I needed to return one more time (given the future owner wants to go in a different direction with the cart).

Again, Cacklack's is now at the Good Food Here food pod on SE Belmont, following the closure of the Green Castle Pod a few months ago.

In the back right corner of the Good Food Here pod!

Regular menu (December 2011)
Breakfast menu (December 2011)
Bad timing when I arrived...the chef informed me that he had run out of chicken for sandwiches or breakfast items (which makes up a good 90 to 95 percent of the menu). However, there were wings still available. Since I wasn't sure when the (current) owner would return with more poultry, I decided a couple of wings would suffice. Normally, one can get an order of four wings for $6. In a generous move (due to the chicken shortage), he let me have each wing for a dollar. But I was content with just two wings (thus, I paid $2). By the way, these are whole wings -- wing and drumstick attached, not separated. So they are monsters. It came with a side of ranch dressing and on top a slice of Texas toast.

Wings on Texas Toast w/side of ranch (Cackalack's)
The wings are tossed in the fryer naked (no breading) for about 8-10 minutes, then covered with Frank's Red Hot Sauce. These were OK. The wings were juicy and cooked all the way through, but just having Frank's Red Hot on the wings doesn't impress me. I had requested some of Cackalack's house-made hot sauce to go with the wings, but never received it. Oh well, at least I remember what that tasted like (and I remember the XXX as well...that was a nice blaze of awesomeness).

Oh, and a few minutes after I ordered, the owner came back with the chicken. Oops. By then, I figured I'd just stick with the wings. I'm a busy dude!

The friendly dude taking my order did a respectable job telling potential customers that the chicken was on its way. As for my experience, the rating is practically the same again. Yeah, I didn't catch them when fully stocked, but that's the way it goes.

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