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Blues City Biscuits (Part 2)

(NOTE: Kimberly is no longer the owner at Blues City Biscuits, but a new owner took over in 2013, keeping the same name and recipes! This cart is now at the Good Food Here pod in Portland, Oregon, near SE 43rd and Belmont!)

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Since I was at the Cartlandia food pod on a chilly November day, I decided to try Kimberly's newest endeavor: biscuit sandwiches. She changed the name of her cart to "Blues City Biscuits" in early November 2011 (from "Blues City Greens"), and her biscuits have proved extremely popular. In fact, on at least one occasion, she sold out TWICE on the same day. Now that's impressive!

Blues City Biscuits (photo taken 11/19/11)
Kimberly offers five types of biscuit sandwiches, from the Jerry Lee Lewis ($7; ham, egg, Tillamook cheddar, and mushroom gravy) to the Elvis Presley ($4; peanut butter, banana, and Nutella). The "Johnny Cash" ($3) is a biscuit with house-made honey butter. You can even get two generous-sized biscuits coated in mushroom gravy for $5...hungry yet?

Menu (mid-November 2011)
Ultimately, I went with what I felt was the most intriguing biscuit sandwich: the Otis Redding ($6): fried egg, Tillamook cheddar, spiced fried apples, pecans, and house-made honey butter in one of Kimberly's biscuits. Seasonings on the spiced apples include cinnamon, nutmeg, coriander, and sea salt. Kimberly added some bacon to my sandwich (an extra $1) -- because bacon makes everything better.

The wrapping of my biscuit sandwich
"Otis Redding" (Blues City Biscuits)
This was a great sandwich. The extremely soft and buttery biscuit held the sheer mass of ingredients in place. The spiced apples proved to be the star here, the flavors pairing well with the savory bacon, egg, and cheese. The pecans added a pleasing nutty experience. I think adding a bit more crispy bacon chunks would work for me -- because, as Adam Richman would say, bacon is meat crack. And what a great "drug" it is!

I returned in mid-December (actually just a couple days ago), because I said to myself: "It's time for the Elvis biscuit sandwich (a biscuit sandwich with peanut butter, nutella, and bananas). And then get it with bacon, because it makes everything better." So that's what I got ($5 for the sandwich + $1 for the diced bacon).

No need to wrap up this sandwich today. I was ready to eat this bad boy in record time.

"Elvis" biscuit sandwich with bacon
(Blues City Biscuits)
Holy crap. I might need a triple workout just to burn off the onslaught of peanut butter and Nutella. The abundance of fillings made it pointless to pick up the soft, fragile biscuit. Regardless, I didn't care. What followed was my horrid attempt at channeling my inner amateur competitive eater. All the manners were out the window, and I'd be banished to a lifetime of etiquette school if anyone saw me.

"Oops, no napkins. Eh, don't care."
*Aaron attacks top half...done*
*Aaron attacks bottom half...done*
*Aaron licks fingers and wipes face with hands*

This biscuit coulda done all the hip gyrations it wanted and it wouldn't have mattered. The only gyrations were from me doing the Kobayashi shuffle.

The Elvis should be a meal for most people. This was my second lunch and fourth meal of the day. Do I have a second stomach? Sometimes I wonder myself....

I believe Kimberly mentioned the biscuits were baked at 450 degrees for about...10 minutes? Parts of the biscuit looked a bit underdone (doughy). It didn't stop me from eating everything (and no, I didn't get sick...I ate more after leaving Cartlandia). Yes, I'm a glutton.

By the way, Kimberly still sells non-biscuit items, like the Howlin' Wolf ($8; shrimp and grits, plus sides) and the W.C. Handy ($8; ham steak and gravy, plus sides). Get your behind over to Blues City Biscuits and get a biscuit sandwich, pronto!

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