Saturday, December 31, 2011

Kuru Kuru Sushi

Kuru Kuru Sushi is a conveyor-belt sushi restaurant, with two locations on Oahu (at the time of this post): one in Kahala Mall in Honolulu, and the other in the Pearl Kai Shopping Center in Aiea (near Pearlridge). I went to the Aiea location this time.

Basically, if you've never been to one of these before, plates of sushi and other food items are placed on the conveyor belt; price depends on the color of the plate. You can also flag a server down and ask for something if you don't see it.

My friend and I got to Kuru Kuru a bit before 6 p.m. on a Saturday night. Yup, that means it's waiting list time. Luckily, we only waited 15 minutes and then went to town on some food.

First, an ahi poke bowl ($5.95). A hefty scoop (or two) of rice with a heaping pile of ahi poke. That sesame oil lifted the fresh, cubed ahi real well here. Nice presentation (and extra flavor) with the green onions. Big fan of this dish!

Ahi Poke Bowl (Kuru Kuru Sushi)
Next, a little snack. A plate of Jin Deui ($2.10): sesame seed balls with sweet black bean paste in them. Nice and soft when biting into them, yet firm enough to hold all the good stuff inside. Properly made and delicious.

Jin Deui (Kuru Kuru Sushi)
Inside the Jin Deui
Oh...what was that I saw? Butterfish? A small, whole butterfish waiting for me to devour? Yes, please! A sweet-savory taste to this...buttery fish (duh), perhaps miso was used? Not much meat on this guy, but heck man, it looked cool just to take the plate off the conveyor belt, eat the fish, then take a picture of the bones.

Butterfish (Kuru Kuru Sushi)
Nuked that fish....
By the time we finished (over half an hour later), the wait list was longer than when we first arrived; people were waiting outside because there were no more seats inside. Sounds normal to me. Basically, go to Kuru Kuru, but avoid the usual lunch or dinner times if you want to get in and get out fast (or just place a takeout order). 7.5/10

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