Friday, December 30, 2011


Marukai is an Asian market located on Kamehameha Highway in Honolulu, Hawaii. Inside the market, they have a couple of food stands filled with various bento lunches and snacks. Just outside of Marukai, there is also a food stand where people sell andagi (Okinawan doughnuts).

The Marukai logo
My uncle and aunt came up from from Maui in early December, so that day, we headed to Marukai for some food. I don't eat a ton of fresh fish in Oregon (generally opting for the poor man's canned tuna), so, for what seemed like the eleventy billionth time in Hawaii, I got more fish.

First up, some Misoyaki Butterfish ($5.98 for about a 4 oz. piece). the oils of the fish combined with the sweet miso for a lovely richness. But yeah, watch out for the small bones in there! Ingredients like mirin (Sweet Japanese rice wine) and white sugar flavored this rich-tasting protein.

Misoyaki Butterfish (Marukai)
Next, some Miso Saba ($3.85). Again, a lovely sample of a hearty, perfectly cooked fish. I have to admit, I was eating this fish so fast, it wouldn't surprise me if I did end up eating some of those small thin fish bones that hide in there....

Miso Saba (Marukai)
Finally, some spicy tuna ($4.99). Honestly, this was the most disappointing of the bunch, namely because the consistency resembled a pasty, smashed product that may have been more suited for a sushi filling. The taste was fine and the fish was pretty fresh. But of course, it needs more spice to make me happy. Regardless, I doubt it woulda lived up to the saba and butterfish.

Spicy Tuna (Marukai)
Yup, Marukai has some good eats! Check it out! 7.25/10

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