Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Crust and Common

(UPDATE 11/8/12: Food Carts Portland reports that Crust & Common Pie Shop has closed.)

(UPDATE 6/1/12: Bradley's cart can now be found on NE Alberta, around the 1300 block.)

Crust and Common, a food cart specializing in savory and sweet pies, can be found at the Q-19 food pod in NW Portland, Oregon. Bradley Jones is the man running Crust and Common, which opened in June 2011.

Depending on the time of year, Bradley will offer various combinations of savory pies and sweet pies, usually four of each. The savory pies are like mini pot pies and sell for $7, while the sweet pies are $4.50 per slice. I'm sure he's been running out of a lot of items since his cart was featured on Food Carts Portland in mid-October.

Bradley taking an order from a customer

I guess I was feeling quite American this time, because I ordered a slice of apple pie ($4.50). The applies Bradley uses may depend on the season, but he used a mix of Granny Smith and Pippin here.

Menu (November 2011)
Specials on 11/9/11
Someone's order is ready...!
Apple pie (Crust and Common)

Rock (Dwayne Johnson): "Aaron, do you like...pie?"
Me: "Hell yeah, I do!"
Rock: "And what kind of pie would that be?"

(You fill in the rest, use your imagination...but yeah, let's be PG about it like the WWE right now....)

A beautiful golden brown crust and an abundance of sliced, peeled apples here. The crust was firm, yet buttery and delicious. I may have been better off finding the nearest microwave or toaster oven, heating this bad boy up, then finding an ice cream parlor for some ice cream. For me, there's nothing like a warm slice of apple pie with a cool scoop of vanilla ice cream. That'd be one damn good pie a la mode.... But my "seek and destroy" mentality took over, and the slice of pie was gone before I even got back to the car. Oops.

If you're in the NW Portland area, Crust and Common is a great place to get your pie fix! 7.75/10

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