Sunday, December 18, 2011

Mira's Ladle

(NOTE: This cart has closed. It is now the second location for Cultured Caveman!)

Mira's Ladle is a Polish food cart located near SE 41st and Hawthorne in Portland, Oregon. Mira Kowalska is known for preparing fresh Polish soups, potato pancakes, and zucchini pancakes. Eleven Magazine PDX named Mira's Ladle the best food cart on Hawthorne!

Menu (11/19/11)
Menu (11/19/11)
I sampled Mira's "Barszcz," a red beet soup with vegetables and beans, but made with chicken stock. The beet presence was really only in color, as I otherwise tasted chicken stock, veggies, and beans. Still a comforting, temperature-hot soup ideal for cold weather.

Sampling the Barszcz (Mira's Ladle)
I ordered a cup of the "Kartoflanka," ($3.50), a peasant potato soup with vegetables and sausage, served with a slice of bread. This soup was delicious and hearty. The abundance of perfectly cooked sausage and potatoes gave this soup that filling nature. I found my accompanying piece of bread hard and not very appetizing (at least when eaten alone). Perhaps it would have been better to submerge that bread in the soup to soften and then devour it afterward.

Kartoflanka w/bread (Mira's Ladle)
Mira also provides a secret spicy sauce, probably for people ordering sausage, potato pancakes, or zucchini pancakes. A lovely dark red color, similar in consistency to a BBQ sauce, but with a slightly spicy twist instead.

Mira is a wonderful person to talk with, and the food adds to that homey aura. Check out Mira's for a lovely taste of Poland! 7.5/10

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