Friday, December 30, 2011

Champion's Malasadas

Champion's Malasadas is a bakery located on South Beretania in Honolulu, Hawaii. As one might expect, Champion's is known for their malasadas, a fried Portuguese doughnut traditionally rolled in granulated sugar. they can be filled with cream/custard or plain in the middle.

Menu (December 2011)

Champion's started in 1983 as "Champion's Bakery and Food," founded by Joc C. Miw and his wife, Sandra. Originally on North King and Robello Lane, they served breakfasts, Chinese dishes, and multi-ethnic pastries. Ultimately, they switched their focus to malasadas, moving to South Beretania in 2000.

I ordered the original malasada for 65 cents (68 cents including tax). Yeah, that's right. I actually got a pastry for less than a buck. Most bakeries that I know of would still find a way to make the simplest doughnut at least $1, if not more. Light and fluffy in the middle, fried to a lovely golden brown on the outside. A comforting blend of crunchy and chewy. FYI, their filled malasadas (either custard or chocolate pudding) go for $1.05 each.

Original Malasada
(Champion's Malasadas)
Gotta see what it looks like inside!
So I defeated the purpose of my workout, got a major sugar high, and then completely crashed later. Oh well. Champion's serves some great malasadas...get one ASAP! 8.25/10

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